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Hello BESO! Brokaw was tasked with developing a brand experience and launch ideas for BESO Bowl, a new product from Smith Dairy. Made from fresh fruit and natural ingredients, BESO is a smoothie bowl perfect to grab for an on-the-go breakfast or a mid-day snack. I created a visual look and feel for BESO based on custom cut paper-inspired illustrations, natural textures, and the bright colors of the smoothies. My partner and I also created a variety of applications and activations that introduce BESO as a friendly, wholesome, and energetic new snack.
Created for Brokaw • September 2018
Copywriter: Annie Ertle
Creative Director: Steve McKeown
Associate Creative Director: Mark McKenzie
Account Director: Zorina Kennedy
Director of Brand Strategy: Tim Laubacher
Social Media Strategist: Kayla Grise

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