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A brand refresh for Rocky River Public Library, an independent library in the Cleveland suburbs. RRPL’s mission states that the library is “an informational, educational, recreational, and cultural resource” to the community; in addition to providing many enriching services, RRPL is unique in its warm atmosphere and its personal connections to patrons of all ages. The library serves as a window to education, history, technology, community, culture, friendship, and fun. In this brand refresh, the iconic half dome window of the library (used in the existing logo) was refined and used in combination with photography to communicate RRPL’s purpose in a more exciting way. Warm, rich colors are used throughout, based on the current palette and the colors inside the library itself; additionally, the deep blue serves as a contrast and recalls nearby Lake Erie. The end result is an updated identity that is unique to the library, just as RRPL stands apart from other libraries in the area. The refreshed brand is friendly, fun, and clear, yet is still tied to the existing identity and will be familiar to every patron. This rebranding was done as a student project and is in no way affiliated with Rocky River Public Library.

A brief introduction to my portfolio can be downloaded here, and more of my work can be seen on Behance.