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I'm a graphic designer who recently completed my BFA at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, and I'm finally a Real Adult pursuing my passions. I have focused my design skills in branding, where I can be continuously exploring new concepts and learning from clients and fellow designers. Outside of design, my greatest love is music, and I still haven't given up my teenage pipe dream of working in the industry!

While I continue my search for a full-time position, I'm definitely keeping myself busy post-graduation: you can find me working on the new website for Punk Talks, collaborating on a zine with my friend Claire, writing for my music blog, or mixing coffee drinks as a Certified Barista™.

I am currently based in my beloved hometown of Cleveland, Ohio, seeking a job at a media company, branding firm, or publication anywhere in the US. I am also available for freelance work and would love to dive into a new project with you!