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Process: Always Next Year

I love typography but typically stick to exploring it digitally (or physically in the occasional letterpress project). Sometimes, though, I need a break from the screen and I start doodling words and phrases in my Moleskine. Usually these sketches don’t end up anywhere besides my notebook pages, but I recently challenged myself to refine one in Illustrator into a more polished design. It was a nice break from my usual design process and I realized how much I want to incorporate hand lettering into more projects in the future.

The phrase I chose was “Always Next Year,” a common refrain for Cleveland sports fans. (Remember our tragic Game 7 World Series loss last fall?) By a stroke of luck I was even able to add a baseball motif into the lettering composition after doing a few basic sketches, and I think it really helps to tie the piece together. My final sketch and refinement process are below, and you can take a look at the final hand lettering piece here.

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