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Category: Music

Process: The Modern Electric

For about the past five months (since I started working on the exec board for our college radio station), I’ve begun to realize how much I want to stay involved in music after I’m out of school. Music has been an integral part of my life in a variety of ways since I was 10 years old, and I can’t imagine my life without it. Throughout college I thought I wanted to pursue a career in…

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Musings: The “Weird” Secrets of Spotify Users in 2016

Two of the many things I love are data analysis and music. (This is probably why I’m obsessed with my Throw in a dash of end-of-the-year review and I’m pretty much guaranteed to love it. I’ve been seeing Spotify’s most recent ad campaign popping up on social media a ton this week, so I wanted to officially declare how much I enjoy these ads. (Images taken from AdWeek.) I’ve seen some backlash towards the campaign regarding user…

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The Art of Album Design

As a both a music lover and a design nerd, I’ve been obsessed with album art for years. There’s something about the way the artwork becomes intrinsically tied to my experience with an album that is so magical and unlike anything else in the world. I have a difficult time selecting my favorite album covers from a design standpoint because I’m so biased toward the albums with which I’ve spent so many memories. I love the…

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