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Senior Self-Care Semester

I’m (finally) in the home stretch of my academic career! It’s been a long journey, and I can’t wait to go start my own life outside the limitations of this medium-sized liberal arts school in the middle of nowhere. More importantly, I am so close to starting my career as a professional graphic designer, which I have been working toward since age nine. Going into this semester, I took some time to consider how I…

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Why I Love Letterpress

I am very much a perfectionist. I’ve got a sharp eye for detail, especially in my design work. I’ll notice if a hyphen needs to be replaced by an em dash, if the leading of one line of type doesn’t match the rest of the paragraph, or if an element needs to be shifted just a fraction of an inch within a composition. Luckily for me, I’m designing in the digital age, when most everything is done…

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Build-A-Bear Workshop & My Love of Letters

I love letters. Always have, always will. Some tiny part in my brain has always been keen to notice different fonts, which probably explains why my designs are so heavily influenced by typography rather than image. My love of typefaces goes all the way back to age four and the wonderful Build-A-Bear Workshop. In February 2000, my family took a vacation to Orlando, Florida, and I was thrilled to make my very own teddy bear at…

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