Lake View Cemetery ’21

Lake View Cemetery welcomes those from all walks of life. And for every kind of person, their grounds offer attractions that will delight them both now and in the afterlife.

Using connected TV, direct mail, OOH, and super-targeted social ads, we let Clevelanders know: there’s a place for any and every personality at LVC.

“History Buffs”
“People Watchers”
“Art Lovers”


  • AAF Cleveland ADDYs 2022 Gold winner
  • AAF Cleveland ADDYs 2023 Gold winner
  • role — concepting, art direction, graphic design
  • agency — Brokaw (2021–2022)
  • copywriter — Annie Ertle
  • motion designer — Maria Groom
  • directors of photography — Ben Chew & Kevin Coyne
  • creative director — Mark McKenzie
  • creative director — Steve McKeown